Writer’s Blog: Why Your Website Needs a Blog

I know not everyone likes blogs. Most people are probably indifferent, which can actually be way worse than hating them.

The problem with blogs is, that anyone can write them. People with amazing stories to tell want to tell them. Except, just because your story is amazing, doesn’t mean your writing is. No-one wants to read fifteen paragraphs about hiking with little to no punctuation.

But! The right blog, written in the right way and aimed at the right audience can get a lot of traffic backed up to your website. Extra content means extra SEO and we all know what SEO means don’t we?!

You want to get people to your website and to notice what you are doing. Short, sharp, interesting blogs will do that. Stick to the point, draw the reader in and don’t be boring! Be informative, engaging and make them look forward to that notification in their inbox.

If you’ve got a topic, I have the words to make a blog about it. No, I’m not an expert on cheese. But tell me what you want to say about it, let me do some research and I can write a blog that doesn’t stink (sorry, I really couldn’t resist).

Seriously though, don’t just cast blogs aside. They’re an easy way to cram in more SEO and done right, they can keep people coming back.

Here’s mine, in-case you want to see how I hook an audience.

And if you want me to help with yours, then I can.

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