I can write about anything; except myself! But let me try.

When I was 14 I had a poem published in The Guardian, they’d edited it and I wasn’t happy. I also once spelt ‘ignored’ wrong when I was nine and have never forgotten it.

I could tell you how I’ve worked in marketing or for national hospitality and retail chains. I could tell you I have two children and make incredible Rocky Road; but I’m not sure any of that matters.

What matters is that words are my thing, and I want to make them yours too. I can write your website or your blog posts and can edit your articles and proofread your punctuation; I never met a semi-colon I didn’t like. I can spit and polish your speeches or pep up your presentations and I’ll put the zest back into your social media.

From national chains to insta start-ups through to stylists and wedding stationary, there’s not an industry I’m turned off by or a subject that scares me.

Let’s be honest, how much do you really need to know about me? All you want to know is what I can do, how much it will cost and why you should choose me over anyone else. There are loads of people who know their way around a synonym, but what you can’t teach is how to engage an audience, how to get to the heart of what someone wants to say and how to make your content dance off the page and swirl inside someone’s head. Like I said, I don’t know how to sell myself, but I do know how to make words move.

For a list of what I can do for you have a look here and if you want to know what it costs just send me an email (I’m not hiding my prices, it’s just that every job is different and I work with you to get exactly what you want).

And if you do want to find out a little bit more about me, have a nosey at my Instagram