About Me

Everyone just loves writing an ‘About Me’ don’t they? I started my blog alongside my Instagram page, because I believe people should rewear their wardrobe more because, you now, the environment and all that. Then it naturally developed into other subjects, because noone is just one thing (so far so cheesy).

Alongside this, I’d been working in marketing and taking part time jobs while I raised my kids. Then when they were old enough I took the plunge into full time copywriting. Now I write copy and create content for a digital marketing agency as well as run my freelance business.

I’m really good with words – obviously. I also enjoy kitchen dancing, prosecco on weekends, being kinda healthy during the week, and having a laugh.

I hate people who take themselves too seriously (if you’re called Karen and you get offended by it, you’re in the wrong place). I like to harp on about loads of different things (as you’ll see in my blog) and if you’re thinking of hiring me then I’m competent, professional and hyper organised. I never met a highlighter or a cheesecake I didn’t like.

Come on in x