Hire Me

Copy Writing

If you have a completely blank page and need it filling I can create blog posts, website pages, category copy, articles and essays. From one offs or regular instalments either as myself or completely ghost written. If it’s web copy you’re after, I am an experienced SEO writer, specialising in semantics, natural language and E-A-T.

Copy Editing

Know what you want to say but not sure if you’re saying it in the right way? Let me take a look at what you’ve put together and add some extra shine to make it stand out. It’s still all your work and in your voice, I just help to make it perfect. This is especially useful if you’re pitching to press or delivering an industry talk.

Proof Reading

Sometimes you just need the extra security that your commas and apostrophes are all in the right place. I’ll meticulously read every line and make sure no grammar rules get broken. I can optimise for search engines, or simply make your copy stand out from the crowd with high quality grammar and syntax.


As an SEO professional, I know that websites need a lot of words! I can produce copy for every page of your new website, edit your existing one to bring it up to date or write optimised category and product copy that will help you sell. From e-commerce to editorial, and for large chains or brand new businesses, I’ll help your site speak in a way that makes people listen.

Social Media

Social media is a must but it’s also a minefield! I offer a social media audit where I take a look at what you’re doing and let you know where you could improve. I can also provide regular captions for your social media posts as well as hashtags that will get you noticed.

*this includes creative ideas and copy but not social media management of comments, insights etc


Father of the Bride? Nervous best man? Or even the Groom himself? Speeches are scary. Ok so I can’t write it for you, it has to come from the heart. But I can firm it up, make it flow, check it’s not too long or short and make sure there are enough laughs and enough ‘ahh’ moments. I’ll even throw in a group discount for all three! And it’s not exclusive to weddings either, I’ll help you make any kind of speech a hit.


Just like speeches, a good presentation can be make or break. I’ll give it the right amount of polish to really impress.


Weddings, parties or any special events; if you need something to make your event stand out, I’ve got the words to do it. It’s tricky telling guests to bring money not presents or giving your tables original names; let me take that job off your list.


Strap lines, tag lines and advertorial. Put the pizazz in your promo campaign.


I have been featured in several national news titles and am open to writing short or long form content for press articles and releases. I can write about a variety of topics, so if you would like to commission me for any work, either stand-alone pieces or an ongoing arrangement, please get in touch.