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Writer’s Blog: What Makes a Great Speech?

What does everyone ask about a wedding? Once the dress bit is out of the way, people want to know all about the speeches. We’ve all been there willing the Father of the Bride to get a move on or laughing politely while the best man got a little too personal. There’s a fine line but when you get the speech just right, it will go down in wedding history. And let’s not forget the amount of video evidence there is nowadays!

It’s understandably nerve-wracking making a speech, any speech, not just one at a wedding. Your audience is expecting something, so whether that’s to laugh out loud, be sold something new, or even be persuaded to hire you, the words you use will effect the outcome.

Which is why it’s worth getting someone to look it over before the big day. I have edited Groom’s speeches to make them just the right amount of sentiment and helped best men strike the perfect tone; I even wrote a rap for one of them! That might be a step too far for some but regardless of how big or small the event, make sure the words you use leave a giant impact for all the right reasons.

Email me today and let’s get cracking!

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