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Writer’s Blog: Why You Can’t Always ‘do it yourself’

You know how to write, yes? You put words infront of one another and form sentences. It’s not, in theory, all that tricky. What a copywriter does, is make those words stand out from the other words that other people have written. You want your words to be the ones that speak the loudest.

A good copywriter can get those words heard without making them scream or shout. A good copywriter can change things so subtly that it is barely noticeable, but suddenly a sentence is clearer, an idea is more obvious and so an audience is more engaged.

It’s the same with apostrophes and commas and all those boring things we got taught in school. They might seem unimportant but the difference between a good piece of writing and a brilliant bit of writing could all be down to some simple syntax.

The building blocks of your business may well be your product, your ideas, your creativity but to sell those things to someone you need to make them listen. A good copywriter can stop a customer or a client in their tracks and drown out the rest of the noise. Yes you could write what you need by yourself or you could use someone who is skilled in their trade, knows how to use their tools and can make something magic for you.

I can’t help you build a set of shelves but if you get in touch, I can definitely help you form what it is you want to say.

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