F**k fast fashion

I’m back on me soap box. Can we all stop creaming our crackers over these huge fast fashion companies that are churning out the same ‘hot girl’ agenda and helping to kill the planet while they do it? Seriously, is it not time that we start to be a bit more discerning about what we buy and where from?  


Now I’m not saying I’ve never bought from the likes of Missguided et al because I have. I bought a dress from nasty gal recently and am obsessed with it. I’m actually fairly obsessed with most of the nasty gal website. But do I buy it? No. Do I whack it all over my grid with a like to know it link and encourage other people to also buy into the excessive over consumption. Also no.  

Mindfulness people, it’s not that hard. Keep in mind what you’re actually buying and if there will be an impact from you buying it. Mindlessly forking out a few quid for constant clothing injections does make a difference. A bad one.  

Clock on

So yeah you think you’re loving Lorna Luxe because of her amazing aesthetic and her ‘killa’ vibe. I mean she does seem like a really lovely person. But buying into all that hype and getting sucked into the marketing machine just makes you another tick on In the Style’s to do list. You’re a sales figure. If you start demanding more from your clothes or, in fact, stop buying bloody clothes and wear all the ones you own, you become so much more. You become a ripple in a sea of change and eventually all the ripples make waves. We can say we’re the ones who clocked on and did good, rather than mercilessly wanting more and helping the world run out of time, all the while not giving a shit about what that means for the next generation.  

Wise up

All those clothes hanging unworn in your wardrobe were once in a shop or a website and you ‘just had to have them’, you ‘treated yourself’ and ‘will wear them loads’. Let’s stop using the cliches and start living more consciously. Let’s understand that buying from fast fashion companies isn’t great & do it less and let’s not fawn and fall over ourselves about their newest collections when we’ve barely worn the last ones.  

Come on peeps, wise up and make the world a better place. I know a few hours in yet another new outfit is really really important but hey, climate change is pretty crucial too. Maybe cream your crackers over that instead.   

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