Why we should think twice before falling for a trend

Can we talk trends? At the risk of being blacklisted, I’m just going to put it out there that trends aren’t all that and a bag of chips.

I’m writing this because I’ve started to notice knitted vests cropping up more and more on my feed. Pretty sure they’re a Zara thing (isn’t everything) and the ones I’ve spotted so far are cream, chunky and look good over a white shirt. We’re not talking Chandler Bing sweater vests here, these are fash’un.

Zara vest which when I’m updating this in 2021 aren’t a thing anymore. What a shock!

What bothers me is how long are these vests going to last? We’re a couple of months away from warmer climes (please god) so unless you’re wearing yours every day, how much wear are you really getting out of it? I can guarantee come next Winter, they’ll be in the Zara bargain bin and some new previously unthought of item will be swinging its tits all over Instagram.

Also, what’s wrong with a jumper? It has sleeves so is infinitely warmer. Yes, more bulky on the arms but winter is all about layers so how much does that really matter? Jumpers are a solid staple item. Long live the jumper.

Like puff sleeves before and white boots too (both of which I do really like fyi), the vest is not here to stay. You know it, I know it and the retailers knew it before they’d even sent off the purchase order. Sure, trends look great on your OOTD pic and can freshen up a tired wardrobe, but are they really worth it? I’m not saying don’t indulge in something that really tickles your tinsel but just give it a good think first.

Trends may well be flirtatious and fun but above all else they are fleeting. At some point I might get sucked into the vest appreciation and start lusting after one too, but I’ll not be jacking in my jumpers thank you very much. It’s all very well being wooed but I’d much rather stick with something that will last.

There’s value to be had in wearing what we already own. One of my favourite hashtags on Instagram #rewearoldgear encourages us to do just that. Jemma, who hosts the hashtag on her page @nonscentsatno10, champions the slowing down of fast fashion this month on her blog. Head over and have a read, because the more we jump on the bandwagon, the harder we can hit the brakes.

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