How to try pre-loved

Ok let me break this down, there’s this site called Depop. Oh or eBay. Or vinted. Or, ok you get the picture. There are a lot of resale sites now. You don’t have to sift through musty old shiz in a charity shop anymore. Although for what it’s worth, charity shops can have some awesome stuff once you get over yourself and have a rummage. Anyway, I digress; if you are still a bit scared of the inside of Sue Ryder (not like that, wash your dirty mind) then there are a heap of modern alternatives stacked to the landing pages with amazing pre-loved clothes. 

There are even Instagram accounts dedicated to selling pre-loved clothes. They basically rifle through peoples cast offs for you and find the best stuff. A lot of them even show you how to style it. 

Give me one good reason

Point is (you wondered when I’d get to it didn’t you) there are so many ways to have a go at second hand shopping. If you’ve got time to exercise your thumbs on ASOS, you’ve got time to give Depop and friends a go. Why not? Seriously, why not? 

We all know that buying clothes affects the environment. Even those with their heads so far in the sand they’re twerking towards the sun, can’t fail to have heard the word ‘sustainable’.  

Trying to change the fashion industry is a huge task. There’s definitely progress and a lot of companies are at least attempting to improve but if we, the consumer, show them we want even more change then they’re really going to have to pull their finger out of their greenwashing ass and have a real ponder.  

Go on…

We should be looking at our habits and figuring out a way to still enjoy what we love without sucking the life out of the earth. Ya get me? Which is why buying pre-loved can be the gateway to giving up excessive shopping whilst still getting the shopaholic hit of buying. In summary, in case it wasn’t entirely clear, why not at least try and buy pre-loved for a little while at least. You might even like it. It’s fine to like fashion, but consuming new clothes like they’re popcorn at a matinee is lazy at best. Try something new and give old clothes a go. Vinted never looked so good.  

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