How Do You Shoe?

How having less shoes isn’t a bad thing (honestly)!

Shall we talk about shoes?! Confession; I’m not a shoe person. I mean I like them, but I don’t go Carrie Bradshaw crazy when I spot a branch of Office. Recently reignited my relationships with trainers but yeah, on the whole shoes aren’t my jam. 

So this post might come from a place some of you don’t understand, but I’ll give it a try; we don’t need to buy loads of shoes, just really good ones. 

When I say ‘really good’ I don’t mean mega expensive. I mean classic, go-with-everything, make-your-eyes-light-up kind of good. The boots getting the most love on my Instagram were £28.50 from New Look at ASOS. They’re maroon and buckly and beautiful and I absolutely had to have them. I’ve already worn them to death and will do for years to come. I haven’t found anything I can’t wear them with. Stick to stuff that not only gives you the footwear feels but also goes with anything and everything and you’ll never know shoe stress again.

In a world where we’re all trying to do our best for the planet, it’s important to ask yourself how much you’ll really wear those blue suede mules. If the answer is ‘all the time baby’ then go for it, wear them to death and love every step of it. But if the reality is, you’ll chuck them on once and realise how badly they clash with pretty much everything you own, then don’t do it!

Kurt Geigers. The New Look boots. Zara go-tos

My Kurt Geiger leopard print boots have been by my side for five years and instantly style out any outfit. Equally so, the rose gold heels I’ve got from Topshop that literally go with every single dress in my wardrobe and have been worn to pretty much every wedding since 2014. What’s more, having a small selection of interchangeable shoes means you can change up the look of your outfit instantly. The rose gold heels looked great with my satin mini dress on a hen do but when I wanted to wear it again I added my black and white Zara block heels with a red lippy and completely changed the whole tone of the dress. No new clothes or shoes required. The Zara shoes were bought six years ago off eBay and are one of the all time sartorial loves of my life. 

So I get that some people have a shoe fetish, I’m the same with lipstick, obsessed! But next time you’re in the shoe section of River Island or considering your sixth pair of Converse think about if you really need them and how long you’ll love them. I guarantee getting less of what you love best will mean you wear them more and will inspire you to find new ways of wearing them with old outfits. It was never a shoe that changed Cinderella’s life, it was having the confidence to go and get what she wanted, and confidence is within us not inside Kurt Geiger.  

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