I’ve got my Media Pack. Have you?

Instagram is a thing now. It might still be a bit cringe to call yourself an ‘influencer’ but companies are catching on that micro-influencers are the most cost-effective way to get to 1000s of people. So who cares if you get the odd eye roll; make hay while the social media shines.

If you do want to start getting some cash from your grid, you’re going to need a media pack. Which is basically a nice little presentation telling brands who you are, what you can offer and, crucially, how your engagement is looking.

I recently put mine together and got a paid job off the back of it. Don’t go thinking you need the magic 10k and an illusive swipe up. Marketers have figured out that their budgets start getting blown when they’re dealing with the big accounts. Less followers but more loyalty are what they want. So if you’ve got an audience who love what you’re doing and trust what you say then you’re value is worth more than your follower count.


Doing well out of Instagram isn’t a given and if you do get paid that cash really is hard earned; believe me I know! So if you are thinking about hawking yourself out there (and why not) think about getting a media pack together. I can help you fill in the important info and leave out the bits that businesses don’t care too much about.

Get in touch and we’ll talk about what you need. Influencer isn’t a dirty word so why not start cleaning up from a couple of grid posts?!

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