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The Price is Right?

It’s really annoying when you go to a website and they don’t just have a set of prices you can look at isn’t it? The worst is when you’re trying to book a holiday and they make you email them. Surely there’s a set price for a log cabin in the woods? I mean, what could the variables possibly be?

My point is, it’s a little bit different with copywriting, or any of the services I offer really. Each job will be different, there will be varying hours of work involved. So say you want a six page website writing but the website is photo heavy and needs a few words here and there, but someone else also has a six page website and needs product descriptions for 100+ items. It’s two different kettles of fish and so I need to provide the right size net.

I don’t mean to baffle anyone with science or fishing analogies; I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not trying to be shady with my pricing strategy. I want to tailor my service to exactly what you need and make sure I’m not selling myself short either! And of course, there’s always room for a little negotiation.

Get the ball rolling, give me a shout and I promise I’ll be honest with exactly how much my services will cost you.

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